About Tribe


Hey! I'm Sonal, and vibrant colors + mixed patterns are my happy place. After numerous years as a clothing buyer and stylist, I fell in love with the world of interior design while building a custom home with my family and helping launch the wholesale business for a local home décor brand. Pairing my background in art and fashion with a true love for travel is at the heart of everything I create. Whether it's developing designs for a recycled textile company or partnering with international artisans to procure fair-trade goods for my pop-up retail spaces, every project is rooted in preserving world traditions.

Tribe is my crafted and curated collection of statement-making decor and accessories for the modern bohemian. I believe in creating meaningful spaces that hint at adventure and foster creativity. I chose the name Tribe as a reminder of my personal heritage, which many of our products draw upon, and to honor the numerous other communities where so many incredible artistic methods originated.